Your approach to the role of Women in Leadership effects your Brand and Reputation

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Attracting and retaining talented women is a key strategy for majority of organisations today. In fact, it seems gender diversity has reached the tipping point with the growing awareness that leading organisations have already started to reap the benefits of effectively tapping the pool of talented women available in Australia.

That means many organisations that are not required by ASX to “adopt and disclose a diversity policy that includes measurable objectives relating to gender” are nevertheless doing so voluntarily as a key part of their strategic platform.

Whether doing so voluntarily or as required, organisations quickly discover that the disclosure creates transparency that can influence their reputation and brand attractiveness in two ways:

  • Talent Attraction. Women looking for work check into this information to verify that your organisation has a good reputation for diversity and flexibility.
  • Customer Support. If your organisation addresses the consumer market, you may find your disclosures affect your brand reputation with your customers as well.

Whether shifts in your reputation for gender equity will lead to benefits or new challenges depends on your preparation and traction.

Our clients include those who disclose their gender diversity metrics voluntarily as well as those who are required to report to meet ASX reporting guidelines.

In our work with these organisations, we see that disclosure not only creates a positive impact on reputation, but also a flow-on effect in the attraction and retention of senior women.

The disclosures become self-fulfilling. Once an organisation has achieved a ‘toehold’ in developing their reputation for gender diversity, they experience a snowball effect, attracting more and higher quality female talent.

But attraction is only the first step. Organisations may be able to attract and hire talented women, however if, after they join, women find the reality is senior leaders are not genuinely committed to investing in a culture that supports the long term needs of women within that organisation, they quickly leave which brings with it commensurate risk for on-going damage to brand and reputation.

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