Where are you on the Women in Leadership Continuum?

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In mid-April, International Women’s Day was celebrated in Australia. In parallel with this event, EOWA (Equal Employment Opportunity in the Workplace) launched its latest statistics.

In the table below, you can see for yourself that for yet another year, little has shifted in the number of women on Boards or in executive positions. This prompted wide-ranging comment in the popular media about the lack of gender equity within organisations and that women are still under-represented in senior leadership roles and on boards.

Where is your organization on the diversity continuum? Up to this point, have you not really thought about it? Or are you actively engaged in realizing the benefits of a diverse workforce in order to create a competitive advantage?

In upcoming posts, we’ll be sharing what to look for that will help you understand where your organisation stands on this important topic.


ASX 200 Chairs 2.5%
ASX 200 CEOs 3.0%
ASX 200 EKMP 8.0%
ASX 200 Board Directors 8.4%
University Vice Chancellors 17.9%
Federal Parliament 30.1%
Women on Government Boards 33.4%
Australian Commonwealth SES 37.0%
Management and Professional Positions 44.6%
Australian Labour Force 45.3%


2.0% ASX 200 Chairs
2.0% ASX 200 CEOs
7.0% ASX 200 EKMP
8.3% ASX Board Directors
21.1% University Vice Chancellors
29.6% Federal Parliament
33.0% Women on Government Boards
36.1% Australian Commonwealth SES
44.9% Australian Labour Force
45.5% Management and Professional Positions