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More years ago than I care to admit to I began work and I was fortunate that my first manager was exceptional. I did have some not so good managers, however they came later. I was reminded of my first manager earlier this week when I was searching for something in some files when by accident (or by design) a single sheet of paper fell out of a file.

This single sheet of paper was given to me by my first manager at my first performance appraisal. At the time I was a very new salesperson with aspirations, even at that young age, to have a leadership role one day. That single sheet of paper was handed to me in response to my question “what advice can you offer me that will enable me to develop skills in order to be considered for a future leadership role?”

The page was headed The 10’s P’s every leader needs. I sat and read and reread this page over a coffee today and concluded they are still as relevant today as they were all those years ago so I thought I would share them. The 10 P’s are:

    1. Positive Thinking: leaders have to be optimistic and positive – people are unlikely to follow a pessimistic leader.
    2. Practical: Develop and apply common sense to decide on a course of action that is socially useful.
    3. Plan: The purpose of planning is to provide you with the confidence to commit valuable resources for which you have stewardship – the people in your organisation, time, budgets and materials. Of the four time is finite
    4. Prioritise: Direct your focus to organising and completing things in order of importance.
    5. Perseverance: You will make errors for a variety of reasons and you will encounter ‘no’ as many times as you do ‘yes’. Despite the challenges encountered along the way see it through
    6. Presentation: An essential skill. How you present yourself is how you present your company.
    7. Performance: You are recognised and rewarded for your performance, the outcomes and the results you deliver; it’s not about winning, it’s about achieving.
    8. Perception: Always think about perception from two angles, yours and others. What are your perceptions and did you form them based on facts, opinions, or assumptions. Likewise don’t discount the perceptions of others, they may be correct.
    9. Perspective: Do all you can to never lose yours. Don’t become so invested in something that you fail to see the ‘forest for the trees’.
    10. Perspiration: Inspiration will get you started but it’s consistent work and application that deliver the outcomes.



They were relevant and of value all those years ago and with the changes that have occurred over the years, I think they are still relevant for today’s leaders, I hope you do to.

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