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Everything we do at Vivente focuses results on strengthening the bond between your people and performance.  Businesses uncover their optimal business advantage when these two most valuable and controllable variables come into the highest alignment.


Culture drives outcomes and performance for every organisation.

Therefore, culture development should be proactively integrated into by every business interested in long-term sustainability.

Culture affects each person in your company and shapes every action they take…or don’t take…enhancing or inhibiting your business.

Vivente works with you to thoughtfully identify the organisational culture and development you want, and then determine the philosophy, structures, processes, systems, leadership and people to instil it naturally and authentically into your company. Read More


Leadership and management present distinctive yet complementary skills. Businesses today require leaders who can manage, and managers who can lead effectively.

Leaders instil a sense of the organisation’s purpose, mission and values. Today leaders shape and set a clear direction that inspires, and motivates their people to want to take action towards that future.
Managers keep the organisation focused on results by executing the company’s tactics through the people who work with them ensuring resources are allocated in ways that allow required outcomes to be achieved by their people.

This is a constant challenge for both the organisation and the individual.  Vivente’s work reduces the ambiguity and complexity by building understanding of how these two seemingly separate abilities are interlinked and by shaping leadership’s and management’s ability and confidence to tap into the appropriate skill based on the situation at hand. Read More


Executive leadership coaching unlocks your people’s fullest potential to maximise their performance and impact sooner.  When executive leadership delivers authentically — where the bond between the people they lead intersects the required company performance–your business advantage accelerates.

With you we identify where the payback is greatest to the individual and the company, identify current and future needs and develop them in concert.

Together we work to move future potential to today. Read More


Teams work together…or not.  Yet, this is precisely where the bond between people and performance comes together to optimise your business advantage.

Teamwork is a necessity today, and many in corporate leadership are frustrated by unsuccessful efforts to form and develop high performing teams.

Vivente works with you to build your team’s understanding of the journey to high-performance emphasising the values, principles, processes and behaviours that must be applied for high performance to be achieved and sustained. Read More


Real and perceived barriers to women’s career progression exist, preventing them from maximizing their potential and you from reaching your optimal business advantage. Having women in leadership is not simply the “right” thing to do; it adds a further dimension that strengthens your organisation’s performance.

The statistics and the research are clear. Vivente has research-based understanding and significant experience working with organisations and individually with women in leadership to address these barriers and to draw out women’s potential with proven results, enabling your company to optimise its bench strength and reach its optimal business advantage.

With over a decade of experience, Vivente’s work with organisations and individual women in leadership to address these challenges and to leverage opportunities has delivered proven, tangible results for both women and their companies. Read More