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At Vivente, through our work with our clients in strengthening the bond between their people and their performance, we know the importance of constructive culture development and attitudes, skills and behaviours of managers and leaders. Through our direct or meta-research, we can prove it.

The following is an excerpt from a recent Vivente meta-research paper:

The better the capabilities and practices of the managers we work for, the better the performance of our organisations and the outcomes we produce.
Excerpts from the landmark report Leadership, Culture and Management Practices of High Performing Workplaces in Australia: The High Performing Workplaces Index, Boedker C., Vidgen R., Meagher K., Cogin J., Mouritsen J., and Runnalls J. M. University of NSW Australian School of Business Published October, 2011. ©UNSW. Reproduced with permission.

This study, based on evidence from over 5600 Australian employees, shows that high performing organisations are not just much more profitable and productive, they also perform better in many important “intangible attributes”, such as encouraging innovation, leadership of their people, and creating a fair workplace environment. (p4)
And the executive leadership in the higher performing organisations:

  • prioritise people management as a key priority,
  • involve their people in decision making processes;
  • are more responsive to customer and stakeholder needs;
  • encourage a high degree of responsiveness to change and learning orientation, and
  • enable their staff to fully use their skills and abilities at work. (p4)

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