Leading with Authenticity, Integrity and Flexibility in 2015

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People inside the organisation, as well as those the organisation serves, are becoming less tolerant of leaders and companies whose integrity is called into question, of individuals and companies who “rot the system.” The growing presence of digital media that broadens and speeds exposure will only accelerate this process. A leader’s authenticity, transparency and integrity have always been important, but in 2015, they will be paramount.

As always, any action a leader takes must reflect sound judgment and empathy. But in the coming years, leaders will be called on to demonstrate sound judgment in new arenas of crisis: natural disasters, economic upheaval and geopolitical shifts. Those who are tied into a linear strategic model will struggle. Those who show good judgment in the flexibility of their strategies will pull ahead.

Building flexible strategies requires that invisible advantage: a collaborative culture. To create that advantage, the effective leader will have well-developed judgment around people, and an ability to make crisp decisions about who is on and off the team.

Culture will be about evolution. The leader’s role will be to set the stage for the culture to evolve. Culture is dynamic, deep and powerful and can be evolved given the right level of thinking and focus. The effective leader will excel at managing and directing the evolution of culture, including the many and varied sub-cultures created by acquisitions, mergers and partnerships of all kinds. The skilled leader will be able to align these sub-cultures to produce the best of all worlds.

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