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Much is being said about the need for improvement in productivity in Australia – at a country level, organisational level and individual level.   So what do leaders need to think about and act on to enhance the productivity of themselves and their teams?

1.Clarity of purpose, strategy, goals and priorities.
Productive leaders are clear about the mission and purpose of their team (why do we exist and what are we here to do?), have set strategy and aligned goals to deliver on that mission and purpose and ensure they are communicated and understood by people at every level  They give attention to what to stop doing as well as where to start.  And are clear on where to focus their and the teams’ energy.

2.  Covey’s Quadrant 2 Time Management.
Productive leaders ensure they manage according to importance and urgency, not getting caught up in ‘urgency addiction’.

3.  Calendar and Energy Management.
Productive leaders manage their calendars rather than the reverse. They set rules for email management and allocate time to address emails rather than attending to each Inbox ‘ding’.  They attend to their energy levels and manage their work according to their energy eg complete tasks they find depleting in short bursts.

4.  Meeting Management.
Productive leaders consider the purpose for the meetings they attend and decline invitations when there is minimal purpose. They have strong discipline around meetings; agendas and meetings start and finish on time.Meetings are action and decision forums, not places where time is wasted sharing information that could have been circulated prior to the meeting.   In their own team they ensure processes are set up for information sharing and only bring their team together for matters relevant to the whole team.

5.  Delegation.
Productive leaders assess what to delegate and to whom.  They consider the level of motivation, readiness and skill of their team member to take on the task.  And empower them with the appropriate authority to complete it.

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