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Organisational change whether it’s large or small remains challenging for organisations and of course for the people who work within them, and who are at the effect of the changes. On any day we can go to our favourite search engines and we can turn up any amount of research that suggests that many change initiatives fail to deliver expected outcomes.

As they have always been, organisations are dynamic however, at the risk of stating the obvious, they are moving faster with a greater sense of urgency and increased complexity. Markets change quickly and at times are disrupted with new approaches and business models. Also, the contract between employer and employee is less clear as most organisations now have a combination of full time, permanent part-time, part-time, and casual people. Nevertheless all have to participate in the change and make the change.

Leaders cannot hold the circumstances responsible; it comes down to the choices made about approaches to change and change implementation.

The starting point for so many organisations is with the systems and processes; just because you change up to a better widget doesn’t mean people are going to automatically embrace it, in fact people are more likely to resist it either overtly or covertly.

Change has to start with mind-set and behaviour, not the new widget. Why? Because people look for congruence between their understanding of what is about to occur and the actions that play out, particularly those of their immediate leaders.

A good starting point for leaders is to look at things through the eyes of your people. What they are thinking even if they are not saying it out loud is: I will engage and embrace this change if you as my leader ……..

  • explain simply and clearly why this change is necessary and important and give me an honest assessment of the impact on me and those around me.
  • understand and deal with my concerns about what this change will mean to me and other members of my team .
  • behave differently and in ways that I can observe that you are embracing this change.
  • genuinely engage in real conversation around the change and are willing to address my concerns.
  • can clearly demonstrate why our structures, systems, and processes need to change.
  • are willing to hear my concerns about the resources we need to effect change and allay my fears that we will have sufficient of what we need .
  • are willing to invest the necessary resources to develop the new skills I require to support the change, and particularly give me time to apply and practice what’s involved in the change.
  • are open to feedback on what’s working and what might need to be corrected and fine-tuned.

If you as my leader are willing to do this you will not only influence how I think about and engage with the change that is being implemented there is very high probability that I will support it.

I think it’s worth thinking about, don’t you?


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