Find time every day to be grateful to someone or for something

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I was dropping a colleague home and gathering my thoughts about possible topics for this week’s blog when the mobile rang. It was a family business owner who I have formed a great relationship with and whose knowledge, skill and experience I value and respect. We were to meet tomorrow morning so I assumed the call was about that meeting. I answered the call, however from the response I knew something was not right.

The next sentence was like receiving a very hard punch to the gut when I heard our meeting would not take place because this man’s son had passed away on Tuesday. His son would not been much older than thirty, if that.

I knew his son and have watched the interaction between him and his dad. It was obvious to even a casual onlooker this relationship was something special with the love and respect they had for each other along with their hopes, dreams, and aspirations, for their business. This was more than a typical father-son relationship that is expected – someone in conversation once described them as mates.

This unexpected news ‘stopped me in my tracks’ and put things clearly into perspective. We can “bang on” about whole range of life and business issues and challenges, the quality of leadership, business performance, prevailing economic conditions, or an outcome that did not go our way, and maybe how life is unfair.

Yet how often in our busy lives in a world which seems to be moving with ever increasing speed do we stop long enough to take stock of what we have: the amazing people we have around us, our families, our friends and the many people who add meaning to our life, what we are achieving and, most of all, to be grateful for who and what we have in our lives.

Take a moment today and every day to be grateful for something you appreciate in your life because it’s is all too short not to.