Executive Leadership Coaching & Leadership Development

Unlocks your people's full potential

Executive leadership coaching a unlocks your people’s fullest potential to maximise their performance and impact sooner.  When organisational leadership delivers authentically — where the bond between the people they lead intersects the required company performance — your business advantage accelerates.

How To Unlock Your Full Potential Through Vivente Executive Leadership Coaching

With you we identify where the payback is greatest to the individual and the company, identify current and future needs and develop them in concert.

Together we work to move future potential to today.

In our executive leadership development program we approach executive leadership coaching in two ways, focusing on outcomes and using proven methodologies.

  • LEAP™–our work centres on both mindset and behaviour change.  Built around structured objectives and a coaching road-map, our coaches research, design and deliver sessions and apply tools that build on identified strengths and address stumbling blocks and blind spots to achieve the defined outcomes.
  • SoundingBoard™–there are times when executives do not require the intensity of a LEAP™ program. In SoundingBoard™ the coach becomes a thought partner.  SoundingBoard™ works best when a specific issue requires resolution, driven by the immediacy of the prevailing circumstances.

Vivente Executive Leadership Coaching Methodology involves:

  • A three-way partnership – coaching client, coach and sponsor
  • Clarifying objectives and measurable outcomes before we start which confirms how the value of coaching is to be measured.
  • Identifying and working with the leader’s strengths
  • Diverse skills, knowledge from a wide range of industries, and local and global leadership experience
  • Structured, yet flexible process
  • Coach-matching to best suit the client and desired outcomes
  • Well researched and validated tools and robust methodologies
  • Regular, manageable time together
  • Tackling real issues in real time

Vivente Coaching Ethics

  • Vivente views confidentiality very seriously.
  • Coaches exercise a duty of care with their coaching clients.
  • Expectations clarified at the contracting stage.
  • Viventé coaches are kept at the forefront of their profession as coaches through the provision of active professional support and development via a ‘coach supervision’ approach that is as far as is practicable, evidence-based.

We recognise this is only a brief insight into the amazing outcomes that can be achieved through application of our tailored executive leadership development programs.  We welcome your call (+61 2 8211 2771) or email  to discuss how our programs can best support your organisation.

Executive Leadership Coaching & Leadership Development – Sydney, Australia