Leadership & Organisational Culture Development


Culture drives performance and sustainability in every organisation. Therefore, culture development should be proactively integrated into by every business interested in long-term sustainability.

Leadership & Organisational Culture affects each person in your company and shapes every action they take…or don’t take…enhancing or inhibiting your business.

Your culture influences your people at every level, and determines what experiences they create for your customers and suppliers whenever they interact with them. It influences how you are valued and what people say about you.

Culture can be one of your key assets…or serious liability.

Yet, too few tap culture as a competitive advantage. Most don’t see it as an advantage at all. Culture might not be a line item on your Balance Sheet, but it’s an asset that dramatically impacts your business and bottom line.

Culture can happen accidently or you can shape, share and nurture your “Invisible Advantage,” this intangible intersection of culture (c) plus people (p) plus leadership (le), all to the power of n, representing the exponential power of growth equals Your Invisible Advantage (ia).

Businesses that actively pursue culture development that fits their philosophy, customers and people far exceed the results and returns of those that do not.

Now let’s take the power of organisational culture and leadership one step farther – tap culture as a competitive advantage. Few recognise and develop culture as an advantage. Organisational culture might not be a line item on your Balance Sheet, but it’s an asset that dramatically impacts your business and bottom line.

Organisational culture is your Invisible Advantage.

And not just any culture, rather a culture that delivers two dynamic outcomes. It:

  • optimises your business advantage
  • strengthens the bond between your people and performance which enhances the productivity organisations are constantly seeking to increase.

Vivente partners with you to thoughtfully identify the organisational culture you want for your organisation, and then develop the philosophy, structure, processes, systems, leadership and people to instil it naturally and authentically into your company. Now culture, your Invisible Advantage, enriches the organisation you want it to be for your people and customers.
Leadership & Organisational Culture Development – Sydney, Australia