An Achievement Culture drives Productivity

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If productivity is to improve in organisations then an Achievement focussed culture has to become a reality.

Achievement cultures are symbolised by meritocracy not bureaucracy, consequences for performance (good and bad) are understood at every level.  Commitment where my word is my bond is without exception, and truthfulness, the willingness to be open and honest about the reality of a situation is essential.

Managers model the way in action and behaviour ensuring there is focus on goal achievement, that people think and plan ahead, encourage calculated risk taking , they accept mistakes will occur and treat them as learning opportunities, not reasons to lay blame. Managers also foster “no excuses” behaviour. The line is held on delivery and people are accountable for outcomes they have agreed to deliver balanced by individual and team recognition, and celebration of milestones and goals.

Structures, systems and processes are not designed to support long-term under performance. Processes foster excellence, supporting continuous improvement in quality and standards. Metrics are simple, realistic, observable and assessable.  Moreover people understand how their contributions add value to customers and make a difference to team and organisational goals.

Does this sound like your organisation? If it doesn’t there are probably opportunities to increase productivity.