Accountability is set before the assignment commences, not after it

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A hallmark of today’s business environment is a constant state of busyness where speed and the quantity of work completed is valued more than quality outcomes and results. A common recurring error we see is accountability is assigned at the end of the assignment and not prior to its commencement.

How many times have you heard these words or something similar “you should never have let that occur because you were accountable”. Often such a statement is met with a quizzical look or amazement as this is the first time the person has been advised they were accountable. Accountability assigned after the event leads to confusion, avoidance, recrimination, blame and loss of motivation.

To avoid these situation leaders need to devote time before any work gets underway to invest time to ensure all parties involved understand what they are being held accountable for – what they are committing to. Investing time in the beginning saves time at the end of the assignment in post mortems as to the reasons for non-delivery, more over it saves the enormous cost of rework involved to complete the assignment.

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