5 Leaders Share Their Tips On Engaging Teams As We Head Into 2016

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For many leaders it won’t be long before the holidays with memories of celebration and great times with family and friends will be behind you and your attention will turn to 2016, if it has not already, and what has to be achieved in the weeks and months that lie ahead. In achieving the results and outcomes required the people in your various teams are going to be integral to future success.

As leaders you should always be thinking how to inspire and engage your teams to achieve high performance, however for many leaders with whom we talk say they find this time of the year an ideal time to reflect on how well they are supporting their teams to deliver the results required. This week I had the opportunity to talk to five leaders from various companies and I asked each of them for one tip they will be applying to engage and inspire their teams as they head into 2016.

Here are their tips, in no particular order:

  • Be there to promote team growth and development. Encourage people to be the best they can be by ensuring each person has opportunities through the year to broaden their knowledge, skill, and experience through diverse assignments, and to further their education. Don’t be afraid to challenge your teams, as people become more experienced and educated their self-confidence grows.
  • Ensure you give credit where and when it’s due. Nothing will demotivate people and teams faster than when they come up with a great idea or produce a great result someone else takes the kudos; be sure you are crediting the right people when you recognise the achievement.
  • Keep the lines of communication open both ways. Use multiple channels to get your key messages through to people in your teams; don’t rely on just one method. Use a mix of different channels e.g. stand up meetings, email, one-on-one text, intranet, and so on. Ensure team members have the channels that are fast and accurate to get their ideas, opportunities, and concerns through to you.
  • Know individual team member’s personal goals, values and aspirations. This aids you in two areas; first in understanding the best ways to inspire them and keep them motivated. Second, it provides insights for you in determining how to shape a clear career path for each team member.
  • Treat your team with respect and trust. Use your best judgment and experience when problems arise within teams (and they will). As their leader when you make a mistake (and you will) apologise and admit you’re wrong. Your teams will relate to this and you will earn their respect for your honesty and authenticity.

Every leader wants high performing teams that are effective and have impact and this only comes if they are engaged in satisfying work and can see how it makes a difference for them, for customers, and for your organisation.


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