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Optimise your business advantage

by strengthening the bond between

people and performance

How we build the bond between people and performance…together

Culture Development

Culture drives outcomes and performance in every organisation.  Culture happens accidently or you can plan it, share it and nurture this “Invisible Advantage.”

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Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management present distinctive yet complementary skills. Businesses today require leaders who can manage, and managers who can lead effectively.

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Executive Leadership Coaching

Executive leadership coaching unlocks your people’s fullest capacity to maximize their performance and impact.

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High Performance Teams

Teams can work together…or not. Yet, this is precisely where the bond between people and performance comes together to create your business advantage.

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Women in Leadership

Real and perceived barriers to women’s career progression exist, preventing them from maximizing their potential and you from reaching your optimal business advantage.

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“Building the Bond” Blog

Insights and perspectives about Building the Bond—Your Invisible Advantage

  • Don’t Put Your Company Values on the Wall or a Mouse Mat – Actively Live Them Everyday
    Don’t Put Your Company Values on the Wall or a Mouse Mat – Actively Live Them Everyday
    Last week I attended the Family Business Australia National Conference; the conference theme was creating a sustainable family business through an entrepreneurial approach and a culture of innovation. Why was this conference of interest? According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 50% of Australia’s workforce are employed by family businesses. Almost all of the guest […]
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  • If You Want To Engage Your People Make Their Work Meaningful
    If You Want To Engage Your People Make Their Work Meaningful
    Business owners often raise with us the difference between, and the importance of, engaging their people, the climate in their organisation, and their culture. Company culture, climate, and people engagement are intertwined; engagement is an individual measure of the extent to which people have a positive or negative emotional attachment to their job, fellow team […]
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  • Trump’s leadership – good or bad?  You Decide.
    Trump’s leadership – good or bad? You Decide.
    Some say we should be focusing on Australia’s leaders however when the Australian Electoral Commission advises that, in round figures, one million Australians eligible to vote in the recent Federal Election didn’t bother and another 770,000 voted informal I think that says it all. Besides, the emerging tussle between “The Donald” and Hilary Clinton, and […]
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Success Story

A major player in Financial Services was experiencing challenges in consistently achieving financial targets, maintaining client relationships, building new business opportunities and retaining people, particularly at the team member level. Vivente strategically partnered with our client in a  key initiative which benchmarked their culture. Our findings…

At Vivente, we build the bond between people and performance.  Together, we co-develop this bond to create your optimal business advantage—the elusive intersection where people, leadership and culture, coupled with performance, merge to bring your business to its finest.